Special live stream where we talk about the role of police and how they intersect with the concept of property, and how that impacts racial justice, and working class justice. We're joined by our friend and special guest Jules Taylor.

Check out Jules' podcast: https://anchor.fm/noeasyanswers/


Topics Covered:

  • Cancel the Rent campaign, Itheca, NY's small victory
  • Academy Green statues
  • Billionaires hoarding wealth
  • How the fight against gentrification is a working class fight and is inherently anti-racist

Michaelangelo 5/29/20

Topics Covered:

  • Michaelangelo from the Mid-Hudson Valley DSA's Ecosocialism Working Group to talk about the Public Power Coalition NY's drive to:
    • ¬†Cancel rent, mortgage and utility payments now
    • Mandate a two-year moratorium on shut-offs
    • Cancel the debt for ratepayers


Topics Covered:

  • How to form a tenant association
  • The role of police and how our economy affects tenant rights
  • Answering tenant questions


Topics Covered:

  • Stony Run (E&M Management) tenant talks about how new landlord has neglected maintenance, removed amenities while raising rent
  • E&M's illegal practices and how the defeated ETPA (rent control) in Kingston
  • Millionaire investor Charles Blaichman is getting tax breaks while buying up lots of property in Kingston
  • How these real estate investors are contributing to gentrification

Cristina 5/8/20

Topics Covered:

  • Member of LA Tenants Union talks about organizing tenants
  • How to start talking to your neighbors, tips on staying in touch
  • Benefits of starting a tenant council
  • Tips for running tenant meetings

Chrysanthe Oltmann 5/1/20

Topics Covered:

  • Member of LA Tenants Union talks about organizing tenants
  • LATU is not funded by philanthropists!
  • Lack of government response during COVID


Topics Covered:

  • Failure of Ulster County government to respond to tenant crisis
  • The benefits of starting a tenant council with neighbors
  • How much rental listings have gone up in Kingston (a 1br listed for $1800)

Adam Bojak 4/17/20

Topics Covered:

  • Perspective from a tenants' rights attorney
  • What the legal system can and cannot do for tenants
  • Rent laws under COVID
  • Role of local government during COVID


Topics Covered:

  • Withholding rent vs. rent striking
  • What is tenants councils vs. tenants union?
  • Tips for connecting with your neighbors
  • Tips for starting your tenant council

To read the full document presented in the live stream click here:
TANC Pandemic Organizing Guide

To follow along with the slide deck in the live stream click here:
Live Stream Deck PDF

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