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Connecting the dots to help Ulster County's residents make sense of all of the shenanigans between 2016 and now that have led to the Kingstonian's proposed $30M tax break.

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The Kingstonian is a proposed $50M, 131-unit luxury housing complex, 32 room boutique hotel, 420 parking space complex with a walking bridge to the Herzog’s Plaza. The developers say that rents for a one-bedroom will start at $1,350 a month, and public parking will cost $1.50 an hour or $60/m.

A small number of business owners, property owners and real estate agents are pushing to have it approved and built quickly. However, many other people believe that the project, as currently constituted, doesn’t meet the needs of the existing community, especially the 50% of households who currently rent in Kingston.

The Facts:

Kingston's Housing Crisis...

Kingston evictions are at the highest level since the financial crisis

Evictions in Ulster county up 42% since 2016

6,251 Ulster County families spend the majority of their paycheck on rent

Since 2002, Rents have increased by 50%, while wages have actually decreased slightly

The Kingstonian Will...

Take in $6M in grant money + an eventual PILOT agreement

Require a minimum income of $55,000 for one-bedroom tenants to not be rent burdened

Cost 100% more per hour than the current parking lot

Cost 300% more per month for a parking pass

Cause a net loss of 40 parking spots*

*According to analysis by community member Joan Horton

Since the Kingstonian RFP was awarded...

Two NYC real estate developers have bought...

10 Uptown Properties for $16.3M (that we know of), including:

  • BSP
  • Catskill Art Supply
  • Kingston Opera House
  • Cioni Building
  • Woolworth's Building
  • Family Court
  • And more...

Doubling many rents and leaving storefronts vacant. This project is already having an impact on Kingston.

We believe this project needs to:

  • Provide affordable housing at the Kingstonian
  • Create living-wage, full-time jobs
  • Have hiring preferences for local residents
  • Have hiring preference for hard-to-hire-job-seekers
  • Guarantee protection against rent or property tax increases for Kingston families
  • Provide affordable parking for uptown workers
  • Fund guaranteed legal representation for tenants in eviction court
  • Actively seek out and listen to community input

By involving the community in the Kingstonian project, we can serve the needs of the community!

Community Voices

The four videos above were clipped from a recording by Clark Richters and brought to you by Kingston Citizens. Please consider supporting his work of documenting Kingston government meetings by becoming his Patreon. Documenting and distributing these meetings is an invaluable resource to our community!

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What You Can Do Now
Que Puedes Hacer Ahora

Attend the rally and speak at the hearing:
Asiste a la manifestación y habla en la audiencia:

April 10, 2019 at 5:00 PM at Kingston City Hall

Voice Your Concerns By Writing or Calling Your Representatives:
Mayor Steven T. Noble [email protected]

City of Kingston Aldermen

Alderman At-Large
James L. Noble, Jr.

(845) 331-4696
39 Roosevelt Avenue
[email protected]

First Ward
Jeffrey Ventura Morell

(845) 663-2665
163 Main Street
[email protected]

Second Ward
Douglas Koop

(845) 706-5053
149 Main Street
[email protected]

Third Ward Majority Leader
Reynolds Scott-Childress

(845) 616-3687
2 Lounsbury Place
[email protected]

Fourth Ward
Rita Worthington

(845) 430-2819
83 Prospect Street
[email protected]

Fifth Ward
William Carey

(845) 339-1361
101 Hoffman Street
[email protected]

Sixth Ward
Tony Davis

(845) 340-8461
84 Emerick Street
[email protected]

Seventh Ward
Patrick O’Reilly

(845) 339-0862
322 Clifton Avenue
[email protected]

Eighth Ward
Steven Schabot

(845) 338-5060
10 Presidents Place
[email protected]

Ninth Ward
Andrea Shaut

(914) 466-8092
355 Hasbrouck Avenue  
[email protected]

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School Board Members

Dr. Paul J. Padalino
Superintendent of Schools  

[email protected]

Nora Scherer

[email protected]

Priscilla Lowe
Vice President     

[email protected]

James Childs Sr.

[email protected]

Suzanne Jordan

[email protected]

Kathleen Collins

[email protected]

Robin Jacobowitz

[email protected]

James Shaughnessy

[email protected]

James Michael

[email protected]

Steven Spicer

[email protected]


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