Hudson Valley One: Kingstonian gets a raucous hearing at City Hall

April 20, 2019Press

“Battle lines were drawn in the matter of the city’s most divisive development proposal in years when more than 200 people turned out for a public hearing Wednesday night on the proposed Kingstonian project. While members of the city’s business community came out strong in support of the proposed housing, parking and retail complex in … Read More

Spectrum Local News: Kingston Renters Testify On Living Conditions, Lobby For Rules to Rein In Landlords

March 11, 2019Press

Housing activist and renter Juanita Velazquez-Amador commanded attention from aldermen and women and the other 50 renters in the Kingston common council chambers on Monday evening. The council is holding seven hearings this winter and spring, in order to better shape policy, empower renters and protect landlords. Each hearing solicits input from tenants, homeowners, landlords, … Read More

Daily Freeman: Kingston housing concerns aired at forum

March 7, 2019Press

KINGSTON, N.Y. — Six Kingston residents shared their experience of owning a home in the city, including how one came to purchase hers, how a neighbor’s actions are affecting the quality of life of another, and how others feel about living in a community but worrying their neighbors are being displaced by increasing rental and … Read More

CBS News: Rent control could be coming to more states after Oregon

March 5, 2019Press

After Oregon’s rent control law last week, Illinois and New York have introduced similar bills Those laws would slow or stabilize permitted rent increases and make it harder to evict tenants Cities including Philadelphia, Providence and Los Angeles are considering similar action When he lived in Ashland, Oregon, Jesse Sharpe had his rent increased three … Read More